You've heard the call to action.
You know the time is coming. Join now and be ready to make a mark upon this world that will last for generations. Join the ranks and stand tall in the legions of Game Nation
. . . your destiny awaits.

Founding Members

With your Founding Member Rank and Unique Serial Number, you will be eternally identified at this revered status by GN staff, visitors and friends. Serving as our foundation, you will receive Voting Rights* in the Game Nation Assembly. The Game Nation Assembly is the inner circle that influences the creative direction of Game Nation. Here you decide on important topics that will shape our future. Triple and Quad Star FMs, earn a seat on The Senate, where as a representative of the people you have the authority to bring topics forth to the Assembly. 

These Powers and the following Perks are FOREVER!

Founding Members Merch Preview


Just by entering into our Founding Member Program, you are gifted with Voting Rights in the Game Nation Assembly where your Voice drives the creative direction of Game Nation and influences the future as you know it!
You will also receive...

SINGLE STAR FM #700 thru 999 - LIMITED 300 $100

  • Recognition as a FOUNDING MEMBER with a unique serial # between 700 and 999
  • A "seat" in the Game Nation 'Assembly' (*see description below)
  • Dog tag with your unique serial #
  • FM swag (e.g., buttons, stickers, wristbands)
  • Ability to have your serial # on specialty merchandise
  • Early pre-order access to future events
  • Access to exclusive, limited edition and signed merchandise
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DOUBLE STAR FM #400 thru 699 - LIMITED 300 $500

  • EVERYTHING IN PREVIOUS RANK (Single Star) with unique serial number between 400 and 699
  • Shirt with serial #
  • Founding Member Cap
  • 5% discount for other merchandise
  • Queue skip at event
  • FREE BONUS: Single pass to ALL future Events and/or Locations thru Dec 2014
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TRIPLE STAR FM #200 thru 399 - LIMITED 200 $1000

  • EVERYTHING IN PREVIOUS RANK (Single & Double Star) with unique serial # between 200 and 399
  • Position as 'Senator' in Game Nation 'Assembly' (*see description below)
  • Additional 5% discount for merchandise (i.e., 10% total)
  • FREE BONUS: Single pass to ALL future Events and/or Locations thru Dec 2015
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QUAD STAR FM #100 thru 199 - LIMITED 100 $5000

  • EVERYTHING IN PREVIOUS RANK (Single, Double & Triple Star) with unique serial # between 100 and 199
  • The Right to Assign 2 Representatives for yourself as your extended voice, they share your Perks and Power This is transferable (applies to Voting Rights & Passes ONLY)
  • Additional 2 tickets to 'Celebration 2014' (i.e., 3 total)
  • Additional 2 Senator positions (i.e., 3 total)
  • FREE BONUS: 3 passes to ALL future Events and/or Locations including the Theme Park.
100 in stock

Game Nation Celebration is coming . . . OUR TIME IS NOW!
Please Join us at our Launch Party November 1 thru 3, 2013 in Fort Myers, FL

Tickets & Accommodations are LIMITED!

Single Star Members will need to purchase a Pass, while Double Star and higher Founding Members can use their Bonus Guest passes. As a Founding Member you are granted ALL ACCESS to the event as well as additional private events! To learn more about the special Perks, go HERE.

After purchasing your Rank, follow the instructions in our receipt email to get your Celebration Passes.

*The Game Nation Assembly is a group that influences the creative direction of Game Nation. Game Nation, reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. “Voting rights” and “The Senate” do not refer to equity or voting rights in Game Nation, Inc. or any other company. None of the Founding Member levels described herein provide for equity in Game Nation, Inc. Membership is subject to the terms and conditions found at and such terms and conditions may be changed without notice. Game Nation Inc. reserves the right to substitute “Powers” and “Perks” with other benefits of substantially equivalent value at Game Nation’s sole discretion. Game Nation does not have any locations and there are no guarantees that there will be. All sales are final. Products may vary.