If you are a Video Game or Theme Park “indie” Podcast, YES, we’ll on come your show.

The independent broadcasters are the backbone of the industry. Recognizing that, RUKE loves to cater to them. Raw, transparent and always entertaining, you’ll hear for self, we are gamer just like you.


Katrina Starzhynskaya / Live Love Inspire Project - 5-31-13

Interviewing Ruke, the most creative mind from for my upcoming NYT bestseller Live.Love.Inpsire! Click the image to watch the video =>


DPL - Founding Members Teaser - 5-02-13

Dead Pixel Live becomes Palpatine in this episode. Derrick, Tedakin, and Hect look back on some questionable sitcom parents. Daniel Ruke from Game Nation calls in to tell us about the new founders program for the upcoming theme park for gamers. Derrick suggests some 'enhancements' to the Game Nation plan where he smacks ice creams from the hands of babies...


World Game Executives Article - 11-11 - Ruke and GN Interview

Download the PDF here



Dead Pixel Live - 11.26.12

We interview Daniel Ruke, creator of the Game Nation themepark, the first ever themepark built for gamers. He gives us answers about the highly anticipated park, everything from admission price to who’s on the board of directors. We learn details about the 3 phase rollout for Game Nation, the ride rating system and more. Will it be the next Disney World? You need to listen to find out. Click on the Icon on the right to hear the interview.