We are fortunate enough to say that with all the buzz, we can’t capture it all. Simply Google “game nation theme park” you’ll see we’re everywhere.

If you don’t want to Google us, well then, we’re happy to let you know we did capture a little bit of it for you below. 

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— Jul 6, 2013

Game Nation Tells Its Story in a New Form of Graphic Novel

Game Nation Theme Park and Resort is proud to announce the release of their first ever hybrid graphic novel, GN Archives. But this is no ordinary tale.

— Jul 6, 2013

Game Nation to Transform Downtown Fort Myers into a Video Game Wonderland

The streets will be full of “cos” devotees: people who dress up in the costumes of their favorite game characters, said Fort Myers businessman Cole…

— Jul 6, 2013

Game Nation is turning Downtown Fort Myers into a Video Game ...

Game Nation has been under development for quite some time now. Actually, it's been under development for almost two years, if not more. Back in 2011,…

— Jul 7, 2013

Game Nation: A Massively Multiplayer Offline Role-Playing Game

...That's what Game Nation sounds like, sans the holographic technology. It's a massive role-playing game set in its own resort, complete with weapons,…

— Jul 8, 2013

Downtown Fort Myers Becomes a Video Game Wonderland in November

“Game Nation Celebration is our celebratory launch party to showcase all of the amazing things we are doing at Game Nation, from the Theme Park to the…

— Jul 8, 2013


Think of Game Nation Celebration as the first in a wonderful chain reaction of goodness. Live music, check. Interactive Role Playing, check. Video…

— Jul 8, 2013